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// Next-level 3D animation & creative strategy for your brand, because the future is already here

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Next-level 3D Media & Tech-Industrial Sector


TGW Tech 3D visualizations are the perfect solution for tech brands looking to connect audiences with great products so they start converting more views into brand-new customers.

We concept and design your 3D films, developing high-quality imagery, social content, and key visuals within a fixed time and cost framework capable of helping your brand stand out on any channel.

Our animations are ideal for simply explaining complex technical details while also presenting them in a cinematic way and engaging your audience at an emotional level.


At TGW Tech, our process-driven production system ensures that every project is executed with the precision and professionalism you expect in your industry.



  • Product Animations

  • Web Banners

  • Social Content

  • Convention Visuals


  • Technical Explainers

  • Event Films

  • Point of Sale Content

  • and Much more...

a robotic arm in a factory



a close up of electronic panels

Precision 3D 

Often working from CAD or digital manufacturing files, we are able to craft each pixel to exactingly realistic standards

X-Ray / Exploded Views

Only with 3D animation can you transport viewers inside of your equipment to make the invisible, visible

Unlimited Imagery

Produce marketing imagery at scale without ever needing to work with costly professional photographers


Our animations are perfect for explaining complicated machinery with many parts or complex processes

Training & Safety

Create cost effective and risk free training and safety films for all your equipment 

a close up of electronic equipment with panels and dials
an industrial factory
a close up of several mechanical parts laid out in an orderly pattern
a yellow futuristic robotic arm on  a factory assembly line

TGW Studios Case Study

See how we've solved real world problems, step by step, for clients like yourselves

Proven Processes for Guaranteed Success

Our team of experienced producers utilizes reliable processes, iterative design, and industry-leading project management to consistently deliver stakeholder returns.

Project Timeline 

Cloud-Based Feedback 

Dedicated Project Portal

Clear Communiation

Iterative Design

Speed to Market

The fast and 100% digital production pipeline of 3D visualization helps you be the first to market and provides you with the compelling media you need to launch, even while still in development.

Investor & Stakeholder Engagement

Clearly demonstrate the potential and applications of your product to one of your most important audiences with killer 3D animation that will capture their attention and never let it go.

Differentiation in a Crowded Market

Eye-catching 3D visualizations are a proven way to demand attention and engage viewers so that your product's unique features aren’t drowned out in the sea of competition.

User Engagement & Retention

Whether it be for prospects or users, 3D visualizations are a perfect way to make learning about your product and the experience of using it memorable and fun

Product Education & Training

3D visualizations are an ideal way to teach and train your customers, employees, and sales forces about your product and all of its functionality, however complex it might be.

Global Reach & Localization

Because our 3D visualizations are produced without photography, film, or video, we can easily produce localized content at scale without the need for costly additional reshoots.

Creative Solutions for
Tech-Industry Pain Points
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