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At TGW it isn't money or awards that motivate our success and drive us be the best. Rather, we continually strive because each and every project that passes through our walls grants us greater freedom and means to tell the stories we want; stories that are capable of at once being wildly entertaining and changing the world.


As we face the challenges of our time, from income inequality to the looming threats of existential annihilation, we know it’s our responsibility as artists to create meaningful work that can not only entertain, but empower audiences and awaken the world's imagination to the possibilities of a better future. 


TGW Entertainment is a film production house that develops projects for film, television, and new media technologies with these values centered. As a collective of producers, filmmakers, and artists, all united by the belief nothing is more powerful than a story in the right hands, our creative choices and development decisions are guided by this overarching sense of social responsibility. Also, we make some pretty cool s%#t.


In addition to collaboration on several film projects in various stages of development, we are publicly developing LAZERKID, a 3D animated sci-fi show and our first foray into serialized storytelling for the small screen. As high-tech storytellers first and foremost, 3D animation has always been a means for us to bring to life both imagery and ideas, unbound by the constraints of traditional filmmaking. In this spirit, LAZERKID is both a showcase for the latest groundbreaking 3D animation as well as an unprecedented and wildly explosive story about a power, technology, and revolution in a future that may not be as distant as it seems. 

We invite you come along for the ride as we develop LAZERKID, the first of many projects on the TGW Entertainment roadmap. Follow our progress, participate in the process, and lend your support.


The world needs our help. The revolution has begun. The future is what we make it. 



Follow the development of our scripted animated series LAZERKID


Ebelingstraße 17

10249 Berlin

Zurich | Black Forest

Im Biefig 3

79682 Todtmoos

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