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Next-level 3D Media & Creative Strategy for the Footwear Industry


TGW 3D visualizations are the perfect solution for footwear brands looking to connect audiences with great shoes so they can start converting more views into brand-new customers


We concept and design your 3D films, developing high-quality imagery, social content, and key visuals within a fixed time and cost framework capable of helping your brand stand out on any channel. 


Our animations are ideal for highlighting details and features, however technical or fine, while also presenting them in a cinematic fashion and engaging your audience at an emotional level.


At TGW Footwear, our process-driven production system ensures that every project is executed with the professionalism your brand deserves and expects.



  • 3D Shoe Animation

  • Social Media Content

  • Web Banners


  • Commercials

  • Shoe Configurators

  • and Much more...



Attention Grabbing 3D

You only have a moment to engage your audience as they scroll and 3D animation is proven to be more effective than stale photography

Endless Styles

From photorealism to a bold-lined comic style or a colorful claymation rendering, we can animate in any style a project demands

The Industry Standard

From Nike to Adidas, New Balance to Sketchers, there isn't a major brand out there that hasn't embraced 3D animation already

Easy Social Content Plans


The content game is exhausting, but we make it easy. Not only do we produce the content, but we'll develop and implement a full strategy and content plan for you

Unlimited Imagery

Once a shoe is 3D modeled and brought into the 3D pipeline, high quality content can be produced at scale with minimal overhead

Proven Processes for Guaranteed Success

Our team of experienced producers utilizes reliable processes, iterative design, and industry-leading project management to consistently deliver stakeholder returns.

Project Timeline 

Cloud-Based Feedback 

Dedicated Project Portal

Clear Communiation

Iterative Design


TGW Studios Case Study

See how we've solved real world problems, step by step, for clients like yourselves

Visualizing Design Concepts

A picture is worth a thousand words, and whether you are part of the design team, a stakeholder, or a potential investor, a 3D visualization is a priceless tool in the design process.

Showcasing Unique Features

When you are dealing with tactile features like cushioning, elasticity, and flex, a 3D visualization is the perfect way to showcase such dynamic features firsthand.

Engaging Marketing Content

You need a lot of quality, engaging content to convert views into sales, and 3D animation is the ideal solution for producing a variety of content at scale, whatever your budget.

Explaining Technical Details

3D animation allows us to easily break down the most complex and subtle details to make them clear and intelligible to your customers.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Whether you want to let customers virtually try on shoes or customize their own colorways, 3D technology is not only cutting edge, but it’s also a whole lot of fun.

Reducing Prototype Costs

We work closely with a lot of designers during the prototyping phase to help reduce physical waste by utilizing 3D visualizations early on in the design process.

Creative Solutions for
Footwear Brand Pain Points
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