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Bringing architecture to life


In the architectural industry, conveying your vision to clients and stakeholders is crucial. Our 3D animation services are designed to meet this need by providing immersive, photorealistic visualizations that bring your projects to life. 


If you’re showcasing a new development, seeking approvals, or enhancing your marketing materials, our detail oriented animations help your audience fully understand and appreciate your designs so you can get the sales and investments you need.


By highlighting every architectural detail, we make complex concepts clear and engaging, ensuring your vision is communicated effectively. 


Trust TGW Archivs to transform your architectural ideas into stunning visual experiences that inspire and captivate.

Types Of Projects


  • Matterport 3D Scanning

  • Virtual Tours

  • Cinematic Brand Films

  • Furniture Modeling


  • Digital Staging

  • Architectural Cofigurators

  • Investor Presentations

  • Concept Art

an image of a modern architectural building with swooping curves

Client Communication & Approval

3D animation allows you to easily showcase your design to your client, resulting in faster approvals and clearer communication.

Marketing & Presentations

3D animations have become the industry standard for high-end presentations to market projects to buyers and investors alike.

Demonstrating Functionality

3D visualizations allow you to demonstrate the functionality of complex design features without needing to be present or have the project completed.

Project Planning & Coordination

Get contractors, investors, and other stakeholders aligned with 3D visualizations that are both technically precise and visually accurate.

Error Detection & Corrections

Identify potential problems with designs or material choices before they become costly mistakes requiring significant money to correct.

Design Iterations & Flexibility

Unlike working with wood, concrete, and metal, 3D animation allows for fast iterations and is the perfect way to quickly preview design choices and work through decisions.

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