Like many creative studios, our business is fed by word-of-mouth referrals. In turn, we want to help feed the mouths that help us stay busy. Sign up for our lead referral program and we’ll give you a piece of the pie. Whether you recommend us to friends, neighbors, or general decision-makers, we want to reward you for helping us land new clients. 


Simply fill out the form below to register and we will provide a link to our affiliate referral page. Any leads submitted there which result in us landing a new client will be rewarded with *10% gross from our first project together. Additionally, we will provide you with a discovery link that you can share with potential leads in case filling out a form on the front end is not your style. 


If you are the type that says “I am happy to refer you because you do great work [and you’re a really wonderful group of people as well], you don’t have to pay me” then you can take the 10% and donate it to charity, but please, we insist. 


So whether you’re a creative in an adjacent field, an existing client with some friends that could also benefit from quality 3D animation, or just a member of our extended network looking to make some extra cash in hard times, we want to hear from you, because there is plenty of pie to go around.


*Payments will be made to the Referring Party upon receipt of final payment from the Referred Party via direct bank transfer. The payment amount will be 10% of the gross project total agreed upon in our contract with the Referred Party. Upon acceptance of the contract, we will notify the Referring Party via email of the payment sum and request the details necessary for the transfer of payment. If our email is not responded to within 30 days we reserve the right to waive said payment. Payments will be made only for referrals resulting in Referred Parties that have never worked with The Great Wanderer Studios in the past. Payments will only be made for the first project awarded to new Referred Parties and will not be awarded for successive projects or ongoing work. The referral must be submitted prior to contract acceptance from the Referred Party. Referrals must be submitted via the linked lead referral form, noted on the referred clients' discovery form, or provided in writing to to be eligible for reward payment to the Referring Party. Only one (1) Referring Party will be eligible for reward payment per Referred Party and will be decided upon the order that referrals are submitted. Participation in this program may be terminated by either The Great Wanderer Studios or the Referring Party at any time and without reason. This program is executed in good faith and no part of this page or associated materials represents a binding legal contract between The Great Wanderer Studios and Referring Parties