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Welcome, Traveler

Here at The Great Wanderer Studios, we're used to telling stories through images and film. Most of our client work is firmly rooted in a visual tradition and the language of our day-to-day work is one of color & motion, shape & texture. Though we work tirelessly to make sure every picture we produce is worth a thousand words, we're committed at the deepest level to finding the most appropriate medium for any given message, and occasionally the most appropriate medium is simply good old-fashioned words. It’s in that spirit that we’ve decided to launch this blog.

As a team of cross-discipline artists, technologists, and general enthusiasts, we are constantly in conversation with not just each other, but the world around us as well. Not a day goes by that our workplace isn’t humming with electric discussions of new ideas, new tools, and our ever-evolving landscape. Whether we are discussing culture or technology, we find daily inspiration in the world around us and endless value in the cross-pollination of our different interests.

In turn, our goal here is to use this blog space as an opportunity to open up that conversation and invite you, our dear reader, to join us on this wandering journey of interest and enthusiasm, as we explore a broad range of topics relevant to us as both dedicated professionals and diverse individuals.

At the risk of sounding like an algorithmic mess of buzzwords, we will cover some of the latest technological advancements in our field, often lending our expertise to demystifying new tools and topics, but occasionally just approaching areas of interest from the perspective of inspired outsiders. Over the coming months we will discuss virtual reality [VR], augmented reality [AR], artificial intelligence [AI], real-time rendering, virtual production, the latest software, and countless other issues relevant to the fields of 3D animation and digital media. Though we will occasionally dive deep and get into the weeds, we will do our best to communicate these topics in a way that makes them approachable and digestible for our broader audience, leaving no casual reader behind.

In addition to such tech explorations and industry-focused articles, we will use this blog as a chance to give you a look behind the scenes of our company and as well as some insight into the people that make it run. We'll share interviews with team members, works in progress, process videos, and all sorts of other creative asides. We'll even take the occasional left turn to cover topics that feel like outliers in subject or tone, whether that involves discussing current events, addressing social issues, or just sharing cute pictures of our animals.

In the spirit of broader dialog, we want to hear from you in the comments too. Share your own insight, let us know what we might have missed, and please, let us know what you are interested in so that over the coming months we can cover topics that are as engaging to you as they are to us.

Whether you are interested in 3D graphics and want to learn about some interesting new topics or you're just looking for some light reading while you drink your morning coffee, join us as we embark on this latest journey, and as always, above all else, enjoy the ride.