This page allows us to be transparent about our current policies and is here to help you understand the way we work. If you any questions, please feel free to contact us. We´d love to speak to you about your needs and how we can work together.


Although hourly rates are possible, we try to offer our clients the value their project deserves. This means, we do not charge by hour, but by value. We will establish the scope, scale and timing of your project and offer you the best solution for your purpose.


We are only satisfied once you are satisfied.

Deposits & Express Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed upon, a fifty percent (50%) deposit of the agreed estimate will be required to be paid in full before any production begings. If you (the client) fail to pay deposit within two (2) weeks of deposit invoice, a fee of $500 in addition to the deposit will be required to continue to hold my time for your project.

In the case of express delivery rates increase by 25% and deposits need to be paid within one (1) week of deposit invoice.



All payments are due within two (2) weeks of invoice unless otherwise agreed upon.

Cancellation & Fees

Cancelling a project or hold requires at least one (1) week notice before project estimated start date. If less than two (2) weeks notice is given you will be required to pay a $500 Cancellation fee.


All estimates are subject to change depending on changes in project scope, timeline, deadline, deliverables, asset purchases, etc. All changes to the final price will need to be signed off by you (the client) before changes are put into effect.

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