Lazerkid (WT) - WT meaning working title - our main project and currently in development. Our knowledge and adventures are fusioned into one coherent series, using the most advanced 3D and motion capturing software in the universe to create a new and unique visual style.


The story is that of a boy from Earth in the 1980s, who fatefully encounters a mysterious device and is subsequently catapulted into another galaxy and thrown into a system of worlds extremely rich of life and thus stricken with problems which indlude social norms, economic wealth contrasting fatal poverty, gigantic medial propaganda machines, religious cults, war, race and identity. Despite its high technological advancements, the conflicts in this interplanetary union are very similar to those on Earth and a groundbreaking Revolution is nigh.

Trying to simply find back home, the boy has to endure a treacherous journey filled with a variety of philosophical and existential questions and dilemmas.

The story is currently still in the making, but we will post you of any upcoming news! Just follow us on any channel of your liking.

Lazerkid (WT)

Production: The Great Wanderer Studios

Genre: Series

Length: 30-40 minutes per episode



Moodboard Lazerkid (Work created by The Great Wanderer Studios and other amazing artists. You should be able to find most pictures by googling the listed picture´s names, if not, let us know and we´ll come back at you)


Donald Trump Superstar

This is going to be the best and probably most amazing show you have ever seen. Ever seen.

Donald J. Trump has taken off a couple of minutes of his very valuable time and let us document the President of the United States of America floating through the White House, just as the air headed inflated doll he is. He grants the audience a broad and uncensored look behind the curtains of the apparent most powerful man on Earth. Donald J. Trump. God I love that name. Get ready for a ride, because we will give you decision making par excellence, intriguing truths about tiny rubbery hands and of course, cheeseburgers in bed.

Stay tuned for more!

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