At The Great Wanderer Studios we recognize that we’re living through an unprecedented moment in time. As many of our friends, neighbors, and business partners have been unexpectedly thrust into economic uncertainty, we would like to do what we modestly can to help our clients restore normalcy and avoid further disruption. Therefore, effective May 1st we will be implementing the following policies:


-All new work bid through July will be discounted 30% with no questions asked.

-We are offering a 6 month grace period on all invoices for partners in need [May-Oct]. Just because times are difficult doesn’t mean you don’t have projects that need to move forward. We can't work for free but we can wait to be paid. We know you’re good for it.


In addition to these policies, we would like to generally lend our support in any way possible to those affected; so please, if you have any questions for us or think we may be able to offer our creative energy in some shape or form to support you in this difficult situation, get in touch and we will do everything in our capacity to help. While we may be in the creative industries, we try not to forget that at the end of the day our ship is powered by the strength of our relationships and our commitment to helping each other. If we want to go far we must go together…