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Not only are we pushing the boundaries of 3D animation, but we also offer the latest in 3D scanning and motion capture services for creating bespoke assets, animations, and digital experiences. 


Using professional-grade Artec scanning equipment, we're able to precisely digitize objects as small as a coin or as large as an automobile to create digital duplicates of products, production assets, and even real world spaces.

To capture rooms, buildings, and architectural spaces we use our state of the art Matterport 3D scanning platform. With the resulting scans to create virtual tours, cinematic showcases, and immersive metaverse experiences that are ideal for architecture, retail, real-estate, and more


We also offer full body, articulated hand, and facial motion capture services. Whether you want to capture just broad movement or the nuanced delivery of an actor, we make it easy to bring your digital productions to life. 


We Offer

  • Architectural Capture 

  • Product Scanning

  • Asset Scanning

  • Full-body Motion Capture

  • Facial Performance Capture

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Ebelingstraße 17

10249 Berlin

Zurich | Black Forest

Im Biefig 3

79682 Todtmoos

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